2 Week Workout Plan at Home

For those who want to lose weight, gain muscle and also get fit body here is a mini-challenger workout program for both man and woman. The good thing is that for this type of workouts you don’t need to visit the gym, they can be done anyplace anywhere anytime including your home, with-out equipment needed.

You can achieve a fit and well-toned body at home. Here is a 2 week workout plan at home which will provide you a perfect body shape that you desire.

This is 2 Week Workout Plan at Home:

The 1st step for a perfect body is to drink a lot of water. It’s important to keep your body hydrated all the time and too before the exercise.

Here’s what you have to do:


  • Five Push Ups
  • Twenty-five Burpees
  • Ten Sit Ups
  • Twenty Jumping Jacks
  • Sixty second. Wall Sit
  • Fifteen Tricep Dips
  • Forty second. Plank
  • Thirty Squats


  • Ten Squats
  • Twenty-five Lunges
  • Fifteen Push Ups
  • Thirty Crunches
  • Five Burpees
  • Forty Sec. Wall Sit
  • Twenty Butt Kicks
  • Thirty-five Sit Ups


  • Twenty-five second. Plank
  • Thirty Squats
  • Forty Crunches
  • Fifteen High Knees
  • Ten Russian Twists
  • Five Push Ups
  • Twenty Lunges
  • Thirty-five Tricep Dips


  • Thirty-five second. Wall Sit
  • Twenty Crunches
  • Ten Push Ups
  • Thirty Sit Ups
  • Twenty-five High Knees
  • Forty second. Side Plank
  • Fifteen Russian Twists
  • Five Squats


  • Forty Burpees
  • Fifteen Jumping Jacks
  • Twenty Crunches
  • Thirty-five Squats
  • Five Russian Twists
  • Thirty High Knees
  • Ten Butt Kicks
  • Twenty-five second. Side Plank


  • REST

For better , you can also include this cardio sessions in the 2 week workout plan:

  • 1st week: Thirty second sprint, thirty second jog (Five times per week)
  • 2nd week: Thirty-five second sprint, forty-five second jog (Six times per week)

2 Week Workout Plan at Home

2 Week Workout Plan at Home

After a five day intense workout take two day rest and stop doing the workout on the weekend. However you can do some simple walking or jogging on weekend to keep up the workout routine.